As-Built Floor plan

As Built Services

An accurate building measurement and As-Built floor plan is one of the most important elements of any construction process, including renovations, real estate transactions and marketing.

An existing structure rarely corresponds exactly to every detail of its original plans. This is often due to unforeseeable on-site complications. Sometimes such variations occur accidentally, and may be economically unfeasible to rectify. The purpose of as-built measurements is to account for these discrepancies.

By using the most technologically advanced laser equipment linked to the latest supporting software, Memar records all structural variations, and converts them into the most accurate as-built drawings.

Real estate companies, developers, construction consultants, architects, engineers, interior designers, and property and facility management companies all need this service at different stages of their projects to provide a professional and accurate report on the existing conditions of any given building.

Here is a full range of as-built services we provide:

As-Built Laser Measured Floor Plans
As-Built Building Measurements
As-Built Architectural Data / Drawings
As-Built Structural Data / Drawings
As-Built Mechanical Data / Drawings
As-Built Electrical Data / Drawings
As-Built Ceiling Plans (Reflected Ceiling Plan)
As-Built Elevations / Sections
Fire Plans
Furniture & Equipment Plans
Power & Communication Plans
Unit and Building Guide Maps
Asset Audits
Inventory Plans / Tables