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Building information modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

As Autodesk defines BIM, “Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model-–based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact.”
With no doubt, building information modelling is a front runner in new technologies for architecture and engineering. It helps to facilitate, synchronize and save resources in the design, development, construction and maintenance of any existing or new project.

Should I switch from CAD to BIM?

BIM and CAD represent two fundamentally different approaches to building design and documentation. CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications imitate the traditional “paper & pencil” process in so far as two-dimensional electronic drawings are created from 2D graphic elements such as lines, hatches and text, etc. CAD drawings, similarly to traditional paper drawings, are created independently from each other so design changes need to be followed up and implemented manually on each CAD drawing. BIM (Building Information Modeling)applications imitate the real building process. Instead of creating drawings from 2D line-work, buildings are virtually modeled from real construction elements such as walls, windows, slabs and roofs, etc. This allows architects to design buildings in a similar way as they are built. Since all data is stored in the central virtual building model, design changes are automatically followed-up on individual drawings generated from the model. With this integrated model approach, BIM not only offers significant productivity increase but also serves as the basis for better-coordinated designs and a computer model based building process. While switching from CAD to BIM is already justified by the benefits achieved during the design phase BIM offers further benefits during the construction and operation of buildings.

BIM and building lifecycle

Any BIM starts with a 3D digital model of a building in a BIM Modeller software, the subject building could be an existing building, or a proposed design for a future development. This model is a virtual representative and a true replica of the building in almost all aspects and could be used as a virtual laboratory to test and optimize almost any related subject on how the building will cost, look, act and consumes resources before, during and after construction. All these happen in a virtual environment and hence it can be easily adjusted to accommodate a more efficient solution for building lifecycle and its behavior.
This intelligent model will also accommodate all engineering disciplines including structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing data of a building and helps all professionals to automatically conduct clash tests and review detailed impact of each practice on others.At the same time the simulated model will help owners, general public and city officials to have a better understanding of the project hence go through a faster design, permit and approval process.

BIM and construction management.

Once a project is ready for construction, the model could be used for project scheduling, construction management and virtually anything that can impact the time or the cost of a project it also allows us to see what would be the cost of the project at any given point.

BIM and Property management.

About 71% of total cost of ownership of a building during a 40 year period is allocated to operational cost. All the information put in a BIM model and As-Built models are still useful after construction and could be used throughout the entire building lifecycle including operational costs and property management. A BIM model can help to reduce energy cost, management staff and offer new solution to make existing buildings more energy efficient.

Memar a leader in BIM Modelling.

Memar Consultants Inc is a Leader in building information modeling (BIM) with REVIT and Archicad. we use two of the most popular BIM software available and we supercharge their ability with extensive knowledge of affiliated software capability and add-ons.
We help Architects, Building owners, Property managers, Government, and Developers to utilize this technology in piece or as a whole.
whether you need a simple 3D rendering, Architectural shadow study, Cost estimate or a complex point cloud BIM modeling of a historical building, we can help you reach your goal by offering a one point of contact. We work with some of the best Architects and Engineers in North America to make sure a high level of accuracy and efficiency in creating BIM models. We can get involve in early stage of design or use existing design or drawings completed in PDF or CAD format to model the building in any of our modeling software and advise you on design recommendation, clash tests, shadow study, energy efficiency, daylight calculations and area analysis.

Contact us today and let us help you towards more efficient and sustainable future.

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