Converting File is one of the most unique services we provide to our clients.

This exclusive service will eliminate the time required to prepare the paper drawings or convert images to a vector based file and allows for more time to be devoted to design and marketing. Using the most advanced techniques and software around the world, we are able to convert almost any format.
Our knowledgeable technicians with architectural, structural and mechanical background will make sure to provide you with the most professional service available. This service is supported by our exclusive Pick-Up/Drop-Off option, making it easier and more accurate than ever.

As a client, you simply need to pack your drawings and call us; we will pick-up the drawings, convert them to DWG and drop off the originals.

If you are an architect or an interior designer, we can convert almost any paper drawing, blueprint or PDF file to DWG, so you can spend more time designing .

We also assist real estate companies by converting their paper and image floor plans into digital PDF files so they can be used in MLS, brochures and flyers, giving the companies the ability to provide their clients with a greater range of advertising.

Converting Paper Drawing to DWG

Converting PDF to DWG

Converting Blueprints to DWG

Converting Raster Images to Vector File

Digitizing Archive