Building information modeling


Our in-office rendering team provides world class services in 3D renderings, diagrams, plans, multimedia presentations, and printing with outstanding capabilities that enable clients to stand out among their competitors.
We provide the rendering service in two different phases of design and construction.

| Conceptual Rendering |

This service is used by architects and designers at the very first stage of any design project, when they are negotiating with their prospective clients. The purpose of conceptual rendering is to bring the main idea of a project to life with minimum information at hand, and to increase the likelihood of architects and designers winning the project.

To perform this service, we only need some general ideas that can be provided by paper sketches or pictures. The cost for this service is significantly lower than realistic rendering, but the effect is the same.

| Photo Realistic Rendering |

Once the project is designed, we help architects, designers and real estate companies to bring the project to life. With our cutting edge technology and advanced software, we guarantee a final rendering product that will be difficult to distinguish from an actual photograph of the site.