|Real Estate Professionals |

“MEMAR consultants Inc, performed outstanding BOMA building measurement services for a Time Equities, Inc. office building .
Work was done quickly, accurately, and cost efficiently. Tenants were not disturbed through the process as Memar uses high-tech laser measurement technology. Their ability to provide on-going support for constantly changing unit configurations represents further efficiency to owners.
In short, Memar provides superior quality building measurement services, for the lowest price due to their already-ramped-up core capacity for performing this work.”

Robert Singer
Time Equities, Inc.
55 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10003


” When we recently took over management and leasing of this 50,000 SF (5 floor) office building, there were no current space plans, as built drawings or documentation to show how each suite was laid out and measured to determine if leasing was being done to maximize revenue on a rentable square foot basis.
We determined the revenue stream was understated by more than $50,000.00 per year; which, more than paid for your service. This revenue number will increase when we add in the recoveries from operating expense and real property tax increases. We now have drawings to attach to leases to accurately show the “leased premises”.
We also find it much easier and more professional, when negotiating lease renewals with existing tenants and when discussing new leases with prospective tenants to show them the building plans, the floor plans, the suite plans and the calculations for rentable square feet.
As we continue meetings with existing tenants to get acquainted and review their leases, we find each tenant feels very comfortable, knowing we have an accurate depiction of their leased premises and an accurate calculation of their rentable square feet for base rent calculations as well as operating expense and real property tax increase recoveries.
Our tenants report there was NO interruption or disruption to their business operation by the manner in which you performed this service.
Thanks again for a job well done.”

Edmund J. Mazzei, Sr., RPA, Capt, USMC, Retired
Mazzei Realty Services Inc.


“We are very happy with the re-measurement job done at our building Centrepoint Plaza. The results were fast, accurate and very well presented.
We would recommend your services to other Building owners and Property Managers.”

Liliana E. Ribero, RPA
Director of Real Estate
Groupe Pacific


| Architects-Designers |

“I was very pleasantly surprised at the prompt response and excellent service I received .
The completeness and accuracy of the documentation was outstanding and the promptness and professionalism provided was very much appreciated.
A task that usually takes us days or weeks to complete was delivered to our client within a day. This allowed us to be more effective and profitable in performing our services.
I will look to work with your company whenever we have a need to develop as-built documentation for future projects.”

Osvaldo L. Landera, AIA


I am very much pleased with the service provided by Memar Consultants Inc. Especially Sean Toussi, he would go beyond and do everything he possibly can to meet our dead line and provide additional services. Their services is supper excellent. I highly recommend to anyone for their services.


May Lee, MAIBC
Y. M. May Lee Architect
telephone: 604-985-1649


Absolutely glad to recommend you to our community of Designers, Architects and contractors.
You responded quickly to my CAD drawing requirements and matched the staffing that the project required.
The CAD drawings you produced was exactly as I requested and your staff made special efforts to send drawings to consultants when asked.
Memar will be involved in my future projects to produce the CAD plans, elevations and details.

Best Regards
Darlene Gerhardt
Arido IDC
dg interiors


” As always, the work your company does is excellent, done accurately and completed in the timeframe that you give us. Thank you for all the help over the last several years and we look forward to continuing our working relationship. Thanks again,
Bob Kuoppala-Architect.


The drawings that we recently received for 960 Burnhamthorpe Road were very well done. We were very pleased with the consistency and accuracy of the drawings. Your technician did an excellent job.
Peter Darmos
Audax Architecture