The Compnay

Memar Consultants Inc. is a corporation dedicated to providing our clients with high quality services in the dynamic North American market. Our services include, but are not limited to, as-built measuring, 3D as-built scan, area analysis, sun-shadow study, rendering, file conversion , Inventory audits and asset plans/tables. Memar works hand in hand with the best professionals and uses cutting edge technology to insure the highest quality and accuracy of all services offered.The company values integrity, trust, and team work, encourages cooperation, and supports the development of innovative systems and processes.

Why Choose Us?

Turn Key service
We offer one point of contact to save you time, money and energy. Let us employ our exceptional network of surveyors, architects, engineers and contractors for all of your needs. Memar’s expertise in design, building science and project management forms the basis of our ability to provide additional value to clients. Our unique one-stop service makes the work-flow process faster, more efficient, and economically sound.

Our People
One of Memar’s strengths is the depth and breadth of our human resources. Our staff is equipped with years of experience in design, project management and building science. We provide a broad range of services for tailoring our delivery approach to match our clients’ individual demands. Every project has a “Job Captain” who leads the project and works closely with the client to ensure all goals and timelines are met. Instead of dealing with multiple consultants over the course of a single project, clients can contact the Job Captain at any time for status reports and updates.

Our Technology
Using the most current technology allows us to perform with incomparable accuracy and speed.We use a laser-based technology with 1/12″ accuracy to capture precise condition (As-Built) plans of buildings.This significantly reduces the risk of costly errors and omissions during the construction process.Our cutting-edge 3-D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software allows us to design space models that replicate the look, feel, and design of a real time structure. Clients can “walk through” the model and advise on any necessary changes prior to the construction stage.

Innovation, integrity, commitment and collaboration
Innovation, integrity, commitment to our clients and collaboration are the fundamentals of Memar’s success. No project is too challenging, too big or too small for us. Our goal for every project is the same: get it done on time and with no surprises, and maintain the highest professional standards.